Founded in 2013 by Kevin Batchelor and Ross Brandon, Electric Robin work across ideation, development, production, distribution and multiplatform content. 


Our ‘audience first’ ethos makes for content that always resonates with viewers and we consistently deliver high quality, original ideas for major global brands and the UK’s biggest TV and online shows.


Our innovative approach to storytelling, coupled with our expertise in crafting visually arresting films has contributed to cultural shifts in the way that content is viewed.


We would love to help your ideas come to life.


Our primary focus is always strong and impactful storytelling, expertly crafted to engage audiences wherever they may be viewing… but there is no better place than the big screen! Our films are made with heart, from start to finish,  allowing our directors to tell a story that will truly move and inspire.


Our commercial work is driven by the visionary, forward thinking philosophy of our directors, with influences drawn from all walks of life to create diverse, vibrant commercials that get people talking.


Content is constantly evolving, yet audiences will always need to feel engaged, entertained and challenged; whether that’s with a smile, laughter or the inspiration to affect positive change. 


Powerful stories deserve to be shared, and our team of branded creatives draw upon years of experience across commercial and TV to create dynamic content for ever changing platforms.


The possibilities for where, when and how your content can be seen are blossoming.  Brands now have a wealth of creative licence in determining the audiences they want to reach, and how those audiences might react.  It’s no longer just about eyeballs. 


Our in-house development team treat brands just as we would TV commissioners, and we know that the right idea paired with the right brand can make for compelling viewing, be it on TV, VOD, or social media…. or indeed all of them.

We create for a diverse range of genres including automotive, comedy, sport, music, finance, fashion, animation and food.